Mom can I? Mom he’s not? Mom can we? Mom where is?

I can

Parenting is a tough job that truly never ends. Yep I am pretty sure it doesn’t end based on the fact that my mom still tells me what to do! Never mind whether or not I listen to her.Anyhow, this scripture has been a constant push and comfort to me when it comes to parenting my four children as a single mother.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  This verse has been nudging me on and on for some time now.  See I have good children who do not get into any real trouble which they are sure to point out to me every now and then.   But when parenting with the standard of the Word of God as your guide you get to see how much mediocre is not good enough.  However, when parenting knowing that you have God, not only as your standard, but as your help then you are comforted.

Yes, the standard is high but the God who is helping me to attain the standard is more than able.  The comfort also comes in knowing that as He nudges me on to perfection He is doing it for my own good and as I in turn nudge my children on to perfection it is also for theirs.


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Stop Complaining About My Complaining!

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The Kingdom of God is Here

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Who are you wearing?


The late comedian and television personality Joan Rivers coined and popularized the phrase: “Who are you wearing?” This question was asked to extremely well-dressed and fashion-forward Hollywood stars at black-tie events like the Oscars. The question produced interesting material for the television viewers. It also gave a nod to all of the famous elite designers who designed the attire and jewelry for A-list celebrities to lesser known ones. This question is still being asked on the red carpet because the people still want to know. It is a competition for attention and distinction for the stars and designers alike. Often – especially in the case of jewelry –  the celebrities do not have pay any money at all to either buy or rent what they wear. That is because the stars are walking billboards for the designer.

Does Joan Rivers’ question also apply to Christians? Who or what are you wearing? Do we…

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I Am A Son Of God!

That is the understanding that I am coming into more and more.  I first heard this about four years ago when I became born again.  Though I thought I understood since then, over the last few weeks I realize that I haven’t fully gotten it.

See if I fully understood I would not still struggle with all sorts of insecurities, and feelings of not being adequate.   I wouldn’t still be affected by all the things from my  childhood and upbringing, from genetic strengths and weaknesses  or even from past successes and failures.  No, because I am a son of God, because I was born again, I have my Father’s character and image, I am no longer the woman I always knew.  I am a new creation!  And as this new being I do not have to build a new character but I just have to follow the one that was already laid out for me by my Father.

As this new creation I have no past hurts, no past failures, no genetic defects that can affect my future.  They only can if I believe they can.  

So now that I understand this, it now takes the renewing of my mind to come into it, completely.   Where my mind might want to tell me to be afraid of other’s opinions, of failing or of not being good enough.  My Father is encouragingly saying “Do not be afraid, you can do all things, you are strong, it is not you but it is I who is in you.”  Wow, what power!!  I never as a child experienced the power and liberty that comes with hearing my father say “you can do it” but now that no longer matters because He can do it through me.

Nothing is of my own abilities and strengths because I have been given power to become His son.

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Are We Stuck In Time?

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Raising Motivated Learners: Twenty Questions

In asking they challenge themselves and us. In asking they challenge society’s norms. In asking they learn not to conform.

A Homeschool Mom

Raising Motivated Learners SeriesOur goal as parents and educators is to work ourselves out of a job; to raise our children to become responsible adults.

Join us as we share tips on how to raise motivated learners and equip them with the skills to pursue the path the Lord lays before them.


Remember those days; the ones where your kids asked twenty-million questions about everything around them? They wanted to know what made the sky blue, the birds sing, the flowers grow, and why people got mad. If we’re honest with ourselves, those questions could become tiring after a while. Just how many questions can this little person have? When will the questions stop? Perhaps you’re there now and wondering these things even as you read. Allow me to encourage you with this: If we are doing our jobs right, our children will never stop asking questions and, trust me, that’s a good thing!

One of…

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