Lord Prepare Me

On Tuesday one of my Pastors sang a song I haven’t heard in years.  Immediately the song took me back in time to when I was about 13 years old.  I used to sing that song as well as Consume Me Lord and I Just Want to Make A Mark, religiously with such passion and fervor back then.  I am not even sure if I had a full understanding of what I was saying at the time.  But when I heard this song being sung it resonated right to my spirit.  The lyrics Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true had so much meaning.  It is as if God reminded right there and then of when I used to sing the song and yes I did mean it then even if I didn’t know what that meant.  My life flashed through my mind since that time years and years ago.  I have been tried, boy have I been tried.  And even though I didn’t pass all my tests, still, I passed all my tests as I am still here and even a failure is a lesson learnt.  I  believe God was reminding me of my request and showing me also that everything I have gone through was a part of the process of making me that sanctuary that He can dwell in.

Thank you Lord.

Keesha Pryce

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