Off To School!

Over the last couple of weeks as my children were beginning to accept that their summer was coming to a close it has been so interesting to listen to them as they prepare for school, or not prepare.  I have been sharing in their sorrows at the end of their vacation and also their anticipation to rejoin their friends.

My daughter, my second child is now going off to high school.  Oh, I am so praying and believing that God is going with her.  As the only girl in our family of four children she keeps it interesting and girly for the rest of us.  Yes, I am a female too but sometimes I can be so adaptable, but not her, unchangeable.   She has spent the last two weeks of summer researching,……… how to decorate her locker!  She has placed so many requests for mirrors, cups, sticky pads, magnets, pictures to be printed.  It got so bad that I had to send her to her room to read a book.  That’s what us Caribbean people do when our children annoy us.

Since we moved earlier this summer my two youngest also will be starting a new school.  They have been taking this really well as they already knew for months that this change was coming.  Thankfully they met some of the boys in the neighbourhood and worst case scenario they decided it will be ok because they have each other.  My daughter pointed out to me tonight that my 10 year old is going into grade 6.  Apparently this could be the worst year so far.  This is the year when he will learn all the bad stuff and he will be transformed,  and basically lose his innocence.  I listen to her intently trying to remember her year in grade 6 as she is clearly speaking from experience.  But she reassures me that by grade 7 or 8 after experimenting he will find himself and he will be ok.  What the heck is she talking about?  I’m scared to ask!

My first born who will be going into grade 11 is beginning to realize what that means.  His years of being carefree are quickly coming to an end.  He with that realization has been protesting aging and growing up.  Why, he asks would he want to.  Adults in his opinion are boring, stressed and over worked, childhood is the place to be.  I think he is right. 

I myself am trying to get the best of both worlds and doing an ok job of it I think.

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2 Responses to Off To School!

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  2. Blessed says:

    I was quickly speaking to a lady at work today who has two girls, and I was saying that it must be amazing to watch a human being go through the stages of growth. You had that experience 4 times, and your older ones get to pass on some sort of wisdom to your two younger ones. Anyhow, I see that you are doing a pretty darn good job with your children; God is the PERFECT partner anyone can have when raising a family. I know Jasmine hates the question “how was school,” so I’m going to give her at least…..a week. As for Isaiah’s comment…he got it! Once you loose a sense of youthfulness, I believe it would take a tole on you, and that’s a good reason to enjoy life with no fear, and no limits. It does something to your brain when you take risks eh? Good topic for a blog Keesha Pryce, keep it up!

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