Here comes Super Mom!

art of mother and child 3

It’s Wednesday evening and I am absolutely happy with how my week has been going in regards to my family! 

 I have been walking the boys to school in the morning.  Making dinner and sitting down to eat together every night so far!  We work on homework at one table together! Played a board game one night together!  Watched a movie another night and that was all the tv they have watched all week!  Took them to a youth meeting tonight!  

Clearly I a am super mom this week. 

This is how I usually start every new season whether it’s a new school year or a New year or new season (especially summer), I am all pumped up and ready for the challenge and then after a while unfortunately I sizzle out.  I found myself actually fearing that today because I really need this to last.

So I am telling myself Keesha don’t fear just persevere!  I am willing myself not to burn out. 

I have also firmly come to the conclusion that there is nothing I  want  that is worth giving up the time I have with my children.  I have  known this for a long time but would still succuumb to the pressure and the desire to be successful at other things which automatically meant losing family time.  Home is truly where the heart is if that’s where our loved ones are.

Some may wonder now how can I afford to stay home with them?  I am single mother of four children.  But the question is how can I afford not to?  I have a 16 year old who will be off into the great big world soon, these are my last few years to have a lasting impact on his life.  My daughter who is now 14 and is now in the horrible world of hormones needs me now more than ever.  She may disagree or agree depending on the day.  And my two youngest they need all the attention they can get!

But today when my son came home and tells me that my idea for his project got him a perfect mark and actually looks at me in the eye and says thanks mom for the suggestion, PRICELESS.

I have spent so much time doing different things in an attempt to make money to get a better life for myself and my children only to find out now that the better life cannot be purchased with money just with love and time.

With that understanding at the forefront of my mind I no longer fear sizzling out.



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4 Responses to Here comes Super Mom!

  1. Blessed says:

    When I have children, truth be told, I’m using you as a pattern mom, and you’re not allowed to charge me. You should write a book on how to be a supermom, the most well paid “job” ever!


  2. keeshapryce says:

    Yes it can be the most rewarding job for sure.


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