The Kingdom is Within You!

kingdom of God

So I was explaining to my son and daughter two days ago one aspect of my understanding of the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is the rule and reign of God.   

I started with Matthew 6:33 which says that we should seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added.  The things that will be added are what we should eat, drink and where we should live.  The bible says  for this is what the nations of the world seek after and our Father knows that we need these things.  I pointed out people to them, young, old, black, white and reaffirmed to them that is what all those people were seeking after – money, even the ones that have more than enough already.  And if they aren’t taught otherwise they too will do the same thing automatically.

But what all those people didn’t know is that in God’s kingdom it is   backwards. Instead of seeking those things we were supposed to seek the kingdom of God and the righteousness of the king First and foremost and these things that we need and desire would be added not gained or earned but added.

One concept I think that they are ready to grasp. Yes they are capable of grasping more but the desire isn’t in them yet for more.  They do have a desire for the discovery of their purpose which for me is the will of the King for their lives.

So in seeking purpose they are to seek the talents, skills and abilities already in them.  This is how the King has already shown his plan for each of

The kingdom of God is within you!  Luke 17:20

So instead of worrying about money to buy clothes and shoes which is what most teens minds are focused on, they should take the time to find out their strengths and develop them.  And wait and trust God for the additions.

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