Pursue Purpose.


Ever wonder what makes the great people great?  I do.

I’ve seen Oprah tell the answer over and over on her show when I used to watch it.  They do what they love!  They do the thing that they would want to do even if they weren’t getting paid.

See most people get up and drag themselves off to their 9-5 just out of need, their need for money.  They are usually so unfulfilled and unhappy and yet every day they drag themselves off to do it again. (Isn’t that the definition of insanity?)  The pursuit of money actually makes you stressed.  You are stressed when you are trying to earn it and you are stressed because of the fear of losing it.  The pursuit of money also can cause your life to lack focus.  Every opportunity for earning money will grab your attention.  This week you are selling socks, next week phones and the week after cars.

When one pursues purpose they stay up late working on it, they do it on the weekends, they blow off friends sometimes even family to continue to work on it.  They are happy.  Pursuing purpose keeps you focused.  You will only do things that fit in to what you are already doing. The problem is most people don’t believe that they can make a descent income doing what they love so they never try.

What I have to say about that is to do it anyways.  No you don’t have to go and quit your job, do it part time.  Do it for free if you have to, just do it. (Sorry Nike).   Soon you may just find that you are so happy and fulfilled because of it.  God’s willing you actually make a living doing it.

So the huge question is what is my passion, my purpose?  Search deep within for your strengths and work on those.  As you start to do that then you will notice others and soon you will be able to see how they connect.  The misconception is to see which career you like.  No, don’t even think about the career just focus on what you enjoy first, don’t limit your horizon too quickly by choosing a career with your talents and abilities the sky is truly the limit.

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