Mom, it’s only makeup what’s the big deal?!

eye makeup

“I’m 14 years old and you think I am too young for everything.”

My lovely daughter thinks I am too protective and have too many rules.  I disagree.  I think that children are supposed to age gradually.  What the heck is the rush about?   Back in my days  children were supposed to look like children.

I think she should cut me some slack.  For her birthday I paid for some skinny, high-waisted jeans.  I completely caved and bought it under pressure, it was her birthday and she milked me like a cow.  I absolutely hate those jeans.   They are skin-tight from ankle all the way past her belly button.  Gross.  She knows I despise them so she only wears them occasionally when she especially wants to look ‘good.’

From my little baby was about 4 or 5 I actually stopped buying shorts and only bought capris.  Why?  When I look around at girls in short shorts from them I knew that I was not cool with it.  So I decided that instead of having to back track later on when she gets older I won’t even let her get used to the idea of wearing shorts past her mid-thigh.  This was fine for a long time, until…….  Separation and divorce have a way of distracting you.

After coming out of a two year emotional cocoon I look at my baby and wonder who the heck has been dressing this child?  Her pants are much tighter than I would have approved of in my right mind, and her shorts are much shorter.  The only battle I was still winning is the fact that she doesn’t wear tights like all the girls now do ( well not that I know of anyways).  I hate tights, to me it  looks like you just have your body on display and seeing as I’m not ready to sell I don’t see the need to advertise.

So to issue of the makeup that caused our last ‘discussion’.  She does wear makeup, a bit of lipstick and mascara.  That’s good, no?  But she now wants to wear eyeliner too and extend it past her eye lid.  That’s what got me, the extended part.  I know it’s not a huge deal in the big scheme of things.  I want her to express herself but my theory is some things are age appropriate.  Since I don’t have a break down or a schedule of what age things become appropriate at what age, I decide as I go along.   And believe me I am pretty liberal, again why I think she should cut me some slack.  I allowed for the second ear piercing at 13 years old!  I never even had my own ears pierced for the first time until I was 16 years old.  Ok this is not about me.  So for the eyeliner past the end of the eye lid thing, I decided that will become appropriate at 16 which is the same age I had chosen 2 years ago for dyeing her hair red.  That’s gonna be fun.

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