Why did Jesus come anyway?

It really urks me that people don’t realize why Jesus came to earth.  It’s one thing for unbelievers to not get it but when born again, saved people don’t get it is a whole lot tougher.  It’s like telling a university graduate or professor even, that they didn’t teach and learn what they were supposed to in school.  That’s a poor example as that sometimes is true, but I’m gonna leave it.

Ok so God made Adam and Even.  They were perfect – sin free.  They had everything they needed in the garden and they were in fellowship with God daily.  They were given the earth and were told to have dominion over it.  We know the story, they sinned.  In sinning they lost their benefits and by default I believe they even lost their dominion over the earth.  The deceiver now had control.

But all that was not a surprise to God.  He already had a plan in place for man’s failure. He had a plan which would redeem us back to perfection and allow us to recover all that we lost.  The seed of the woman will crush the serpent’s head.  No, I do not know why God didn’t just get rid of satan and save us all the trouble but I will be sure to ask Him when I see Him.

“For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life”.  John3:16.  We all know it but did we take the time to understand it.  Whosoever believes in Him, believes that He is who He said He is.  The Son of God, yes but also The Christ (Annointed One) like Peter pointed out.  Annointed what?  King, Sacrifice and Priest.  But not only do we have to believe who He is but we also have to believe what He taught/what He said, the two cannot be separated.

All throughout Old Testament there are signs of One who would come,  The Messiah, The Saviour, A King.  Finally, in the New Testament the One we have been waiting thousands of years for was born.  He starts His ministry and teaches mainly on a kingdom that he says is here, at hand, within reach.  He didn’t only teach of His death and resurrection or of heaven.  Nope, He spent a lot of time teaching on His kingdom.  He even said we shouldn’t worry about what we should eat and drink like everyone else around us because it is His Father’s good pleasure to give us this kingdom! What!!

He told Nicodemus that in order to see and enter this kingdom he needed to be born again.  So born again is not the end result, it is not a free pass to heaven either but actually gives us access to something we couldn’t previously see or enter into.   He says anyone in this Kingdom is greater than John the Baptist who He says is greater than anyone born of a woman Matthew 11:11, that would be all of us except Adam and Eve.  This should certainly get our attention. No?

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8 Responses to Why did Jesus come anyway?

  1. chicagoja says:

    Why is Christianity so sure about Old Testament interpretation when the Old Testament was written by Jews, about Jews and for Jews? Besides, the Jews interpret the Old Testament differently. They wrote it so shouldn’t they know?


    • Me says:

      Good question, and you are right in the sense that the Jews are the nation God chose to show off his glory and “will”, but they failed in doing so. They were suppose set the example of what God desired for mankind, but we see how they have fallen short. Yeshua has been prophesied about. Ask David, Mosheh, and Abram, they’ll tell you of this Son, and this King who will have the governemnt on his shoulder (what does that even mean; the English language can’t phantom that. Study etymology and you will begin to understand the mindset the Israelites had, and the context of what was being said. Also look into what the purpose of the Old Coventant served, and I believe you will get a clearer understsnding if you’re unsure.


      • chicagoja says:

        Actually, I’m very sure; I just have a different point of view. The Old Testament actually points to a messiah who would be called Immanuel, not Yeshua. Besides, the Jewish concept of a messiah referred to a man (in no way divine) who would lead them to victory against their oppressors. Any king of Israel was said to be a messiah (e.g. King David). The Dead Sea Scrolls actually refer to two messiahs at any one time, one a priest from the line of Aaron and one a king descended from David. Yeshua didn’t fulfill Jewish prophecy on a number of counts one of which he had to be descended from King David – which he was not since Joseph was not his biological father and the Israelites were absolute sticklers for preserving the royal genetic bloodline. As for the covenant, Israel was already promised to Yahweh by the Most High (see Deuteronomy 32: 8-9 and the Table of Nations (Genesis 10 -11). It’s preposterous that the Creator would say (to Abram) that I will be your god if you will be my people. You either are the creator or you are not; there is no choice. The only way that the covenant makes sense is spelled out in the aforementioned Deuteronomy 32:8-9 which says that Yahweh is not the Most High (the Creator).


      • Keesha Pryce says:

        Thank you for you comments and I can see that you have done your research on this.
        I am of the belief that all scriptures were written for our learning. What are we
        supposed to learn? We learn about Christ and how to grow in grace and in knowledge of
        him. Lots of people study and research scriptures for other reasons and that’s their
        choice. However, I prefer to use and learn scriptures for the reasons they were intended.


      • chicagoja says:

        I agree that we should use scriptures for the reasons that were intended. That’s my point exactly.
        So my question remains. Why is the Old Testament used by Christians and interpreted differently
        than was intended by the writers of those scriptures?


    • Keesha Pryce says:

      Yes you are right it was by Jews and for them. This doesn’t change the fact that
      the Old Testament points to the manifestation of the Christ in the New Testament.
      Romans 11:8
      God gave them a spirit of stupor,eyes that could not see and ears
      that could not hear, to this very day.”

      Their unbelief is for our benefit so that we have a chance to receive salvation.
      Through Christ we now all have the benefit of all of God’s words and His promises,
      it is no longer limited to the Jews.


      • chicagoja says:

        Again, that is not their interpretation. It is a reinterpretation, after the fact, by people who were not Jewish. Why don’t we adopt Hindu writings too, but then reinterpret them to say whatever we want them to say?


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