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Thank God for Moms’ Prayers

I am one of those people who grew up in church.  Well not really grew up there I only went on Sundays. But I would say I grew up in church because even though it was just on Sundays I have gone all throughout my childhood.  I actually … Continue reading

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Depression is a tricky thing!

The first time I ever experienced depression was in my early twenties.  I had felt sadness before this, heart break even.  I had actually gone through a lot in my childhood that could and should have brought on depression before but didn’t, until … Continue reading

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The King’s Vision and Mandate

As a citizen of the kingdom of God we are supposed to be obligated and limited to the rule of the King. If you have ever been a part of a business or an organization or any sort you know … Continue reading

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Death or Divorce?

Can you believe it may be easier for a person to deal with the death of a spouse than it is to deal with divorce?   Why?  Death is final, divorce isn’t. For years after the break up you may have to deal with … Continue reading

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Why not you?

Finding out that I was pregnant years ago with my fourth child was a little shocking.   I had an IUD put in just one year earlier, so pregnancy was not at all in my plans.  But its funny how quickly we are able to modify our plans. After … Continue reading

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Teachings of the Kingdom

Teachings of the Kingdom.

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