Why not you?


Finding out that I was pregnant years ago with my fourth child was a little shocking.   I had an IUD put in just one year earlier, so pregnancy was not at all in my plans.  But its funny how quickly we are able to modify our plans. After going back to the doctor who had done the procedure and asking him “what the heck’?  He casually reminded me that like any other birth control method they only promised 99% protection.  He actually also nonchalantly gave me the opportunity to terminate right there and then! Out IUD and out baby all at once.  Again what the heck!?

But 1% chance of pregnancy and yet I was pregnant! Really,  I had to ask him why me?  And again very casually he responded “someone has to be the 1%, why not you?”

Now that was a good question.  Why not me?

Years later, when I found myself in the unfortunate position of weeping over my broken marriage I asked the same question again, “why me”.  This time to God.  And you know what, I got the same answer, ‘why not you’.

See most people would admit that they are not capable of taking care of four children in one way or another.  And while I will always admit it is very challenging, I have come to love the challenge.   The same with divorce and separation. It was not something I wanted to experience but in so doing it made me wiser, stronger and just plain better.  But there is one thing I learnt going through it that I may not have noticed otherwise.  Most people are very uninformed about divorce.  It seems the people that talk most about divorce are lawyers and we all know what their motives are.

But when I asked God why me that day I felt in my heart that He allowed this to happen because someone needs to share their point of view.  Not to hurt anyone but to help so many others who are going into or coming out of marriages.  We need to understand the consequence of both of those decisions and mainly the first decision so that we can minimize the needs for the second.

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