The King’s Vision and Mandate

As a citizen of the kingdom of God we are supposed to be obligated and limited to the rule of the King.

If you have ever been a part of a business or an organization or any sort you know that they usually have a vision and mission.  These were thought over and decided upon by the founders of the company before it even came into being.  The vision and mission help to keep the company focused and on target.  As new people come into the organization they too have to understand the goals so they do not go off target doing the wrong things.

The same is true of those of us in the kingdom of God.  Upon being born again we recognize Jesus’ kingship and therefore enter into His kingdom and choose to submit our lives to His plan.  Well actually this is how it was supposed to be.

The kingdom of God has a mandate a goal that is different from the one we were pursuing before our salvation.  The mission of the kingdom is to influence the world around it, to expand across the world and declare God’s glory all over the face of the earth.  So upon entering the kingdom of God and understanding the mission of the kingdom. Our job then is to meet with the King and learn the unique and individual way He wants to use us to accomplish His mission.

The world around  us taught us different reasons for life basically to work to attain stuff.  The things we accumulate and the fame we attain determines our success. But in the kingdom of God our success is a determined by our ability to carry out the will of the King, to display God’s glory.  Actually that is the same for any kingdom.  We know from watching movies that in a kingdom it is pointless being successful at the wrong thing.  This could be your demise because its off with your head!!!

Remember you were chosen before the foundations of the earth, not by chance or due to circumstances.  Our position and function in God’s kingdom was also determined before time began.  And like a little girl reminded me in Sunday school, our purpose  is not necessarily something we are already good at, but we may actually need to develop in it.  Moses is one example of that.  This is why it is mandatory to have the direction of the King through His Spirit as He alone knows what He has already placed in us.

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