I saw a 1 minute clip on the importance of shoebox in children’s lives in the poorest parts of the world about a week ago.  Little children who go to school without enough to eat and   work in garbage piles looking for things to sell in order to help feed their families.  These children wait in anticipation for our shoeboxes once a year.

We are encouraged in the video to send school supplies because so often they do not have these things and education is the only hope of these children changing their future for themselves and their future children.

In the video they show the children working in the filthy garbage looking for something of value.  Then we see them at school learning and then receiving their shoe boxes.  The little boy they chose to follow did not open the box at school but chose to go back to his home.  He settled himself on a rock  and then he opens the box.  I couldn’t help noticing  all thes garbage on the screen behind him. I notice too that he is wearing flip flops in all that mess.  He took out some school supplies and smiled very brightly at the camera and said thank you

The whole thing made me sick. I am actually nauseous now just typing this.    I grew up in Jamaica and never knew the thrills of getting a gift on my birthday or Christmas for most my childhood.  Actually when I came to Canada and saw how cheaply someone could have made my day was saddened.  There are toys and balls and colouring books at the dollar store!!! Meanwhile us in Jamaica make balls from juice and milk cartons stuffed with paper and play with paper dolls.  That said yes I will pack a shoebox or two because this is the only solution that is offered to me at this time but my goodness when will we wake up. No I will not believe I changed the world by doing this very miniscule thing.  I just brightened the day for a little child.

Meanwhile over the next month the average person will go out this Christmas in Canada and spend close to $1000 on gifts.  And some of it on credit too because not only we cannot afford to really save the world we cannot afford the gifts we go out of our way to buy.   I am not even sure why as there is no scripture that says buy gifts in honour of my birth. ????????????

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