Home to School


So I have taken on the adventure or challenge maybe, of homeschooling!

It has been one week since my 8 and 11 year old boys have been staying home for their education.  I decided to take the plunge after just about two weeks of deliberations.  Yes, that is a pretty quick move  for such a huge commitment.  Well actually two weeks is not accurate as I have always considered homeschooling just never seriously.  I always envied those who do.  Also, I have taught my children so much at home just not consistently as what school requires.

So why homeschool?  Why not!  No my children weren’t doing bad, they weren’t being bullied, they loved their teachers.  The only complaint they actually had is that they didn’t like the recess rules at their new school.  Basically there were way too many rules.  I would have to agree with that.  But the more I thought about whether to homeschool or not the more the answer became obvious.  The more objections people gave the more they enforced my decision to go ahead.

No, I don’t have it all figured out yet as unlike teachers I do not have a well planned curriculum and you know what, that is very liberating.  I have noticed for a while that my youngest have a really good memory and actually loves to learn as long as you are willing to teach him.  Unfortunately though he hasn’t discovered the joy of reading yet but as long as I am willing to read he will listen and remember.  He off handedly tells us random facts that he learns all the time and realized that with a brain like that I want to have a say with what goes in.

So far we have read about Germany as their dad’s background is German.  We have watched a video about the Berlin Wall. We have read about Rosa Parks because  shoot it’s Rosa Parks!  We have watched videos on 911.  We have learnt about the evil Herod the Great because well he shows up in Matthew 2.  Get the picture? Oh fyi, we will still be learning from the Ontario Curriculum.

My 11 year is actually really good at baseball and that is his only real interest or hobby oh plus basketball and soccer.  So with us developing our own schedule I will be sure to get those in.

My only real concern with homeschooling is that my boys are really good at math and I can teach them past their grade levels to as much their brains or my ability allows but how will I get them the opportunity to use their gift for numbers.  Well God knows and time will tell.

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