Why would you want to homeschool anyway?

About 20, 000 children are homeschooled in Ontario.   Funny I haven’t ran into any of them yet, well except one boy which already knew before.  Of course this is just a drop in the bucket of almost 2 million children in the public school system.

The question I have been faced with by myself and others is, ‘why would I want to homeschool anyway?’  Why would I want to take my children away from their peers, from the structure of school and why on earth would I take on such a huge undertaking? Unfortunately not everyone has been supportive of my decision and maybe some of them for valid reasons.

Since I don’t have time to take on all these now (I have two boys to teach!) I will answer just one.  Why would I want to take on such an undertaking when we already have provisions in society for our children’s education?  I admit the time commitment is huge!

Before deciding I had to seriously contemplate all the limitations that having the boys all day would put on me.   What would I do if I have a meeting or seminar I had to attend?  As I considered  this what came back to my memory was when I worked my Mon – Fri- 9-5 job and managed my weekend business while I was pregnant with my fourth child!  I began to remember how I figured a way out of every complication I faced back then.  I got the children ready for school, took them to the babysitter, did laundry and started dinner in the morning, sometimes leaving dinner in slow cooker.  I would clean the kitchen back up at night while helping with homework at the same time.   I even got my wholesalers for to come to my home to sell me what I needed for my business on the weekend.  I was efficient.  Why?  Because I believed wholly in what I was doing and that this was the only way to accomplish all that I had determined to.

So why not with this?  I believe completely that I have something to offer my boys that the schools don’t ( yes I recognize that the opposite is also true).  I believe completely that school also has some things to offer my boys that I do not desire for them to know or experience just yet.   Whether these are taught inside or outside the classroom.

Are my boys not worth the same commitment I have placed to working, or how I committed to my business in the past?  My job had me for the hours that they dictated on the days that they dictated.   Whenever I felt like I didn’t want to go in to work I had better be sick.  My business was even worse.  I had to give up every weekend for about 10 years to keep it profitable.  In that time I had missed many family events, bbqs, parties and basically just time with my family.

So with all that in mind the commitment that homeschooling required was suddenly worth it.  The time is worth it and the cause is worth it.  So no, I am no longer scared of the commitment in fact I embrace it just as you embrace your job and businesses, and while my pay day may take a lot longer to get to I too anticipate a return on my time and effort.

Well time to get back to school!

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  1. Wow i Have a lot to learn and experience


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