I Am A Son Of God!

That is the understanding that I am coming into more and more.  I first heard this about four years ago when I became born again.  Though I thought I understood since then, over the last few weeks I realize that I haven’t fully gotten it.

See if I fully understood I would not still struggle with all sorts of insecurities, and feelings of not being adequate.   I wouldn’t still be affected by all the things from my  childhood and upbringing, from genetic strengths and weaknesses  or even from past successes and failures.  No, because I am a son of God, because I was born again, I have my Father’s character and image, I am no longer the woman I always knew.  I am a new creation!  And as this new being I do not have to build a new character but I just have to follow the one that was already laid out for me by my Father.

As this new creation I have no past hurts, no past failures, no genetic defects that can affect my future.  They only can if I believe they can.  

So now that I understand this, it now takes the renewing of my mind to come into it, completely.   Where my mind might want to tell me to be afraid of other’s opinions, of failing or of not being good enough.  My Father is encouragingly saying “Do not be afraid, you can do all things, you are strong, it is not you but it is I who is in you.”  Wow, what power!!  I never as a child experienced the power and liberty that comes with hearing my father say “you can do it” but now that no longer matters because He can do it through me.

Nothing is of my own abilities and strengths because I have been given power to become His son.

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