Why Silver Lining


Hello and welcome to my blog!  Glad to have you.

I started this blog because like many who have done blogs before me I notice that I love to write.    After getting complaints that my texts are way too long for so long I realize that writing is my outlet.  I express my thoughts and ideas best this way.

Ok about me – I am a single mother to four beautiful children a product of my fourteen year marriage with their father.  I got married at the early age of 19 years old and learnt a lot during my marriage and so much more in the process of getting separated and divorced.  Becoming a single mother to 3 boys and a girl is not easy after spending so much of your life with someone but it has been so educational and plain eye opening.

The funny thing, well not ha ha funny but rather that’s interesting funny is that I recognize my passion for writing because of my separation and divorce.  I don’t know if he read them all but my ex got so many texts from me in the process I actually pity him now.

Today I can truly say that I love life and excited for all the new things that it can bring.  I have come to see so many things differently and I’m learning to dictate the way I want my life to go.  If having the stability of a marriage and a complete family means going back to being comfortable with mediocre and living the same self centered and preoccupied existence that I had before then, I would rather not be married.

From this blog I hope to bring others into the new reality that is also unfolding for me.

A new found awareness of life and the great bond that I now have with my children has truly been a silver lining after a very cloudy, stormy period in my life.

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  1. Thanks very much for the follow. Blessings


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