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Mom can I? Mom he’s not? Mom can we? Mom where is?

Parenting is a tough job that truly never ends. Yep I am pretty sure it doesn’t end based on the fact that my mom still tells me what to do! Never mind whether or not I listen to her.Anyhow, this … Continue reading

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Stop Complaining About My Complaining!

Source: Stop Complaining About My Complaining!

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The Kingdom of God is Here

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Who are you wearing?

Originally posted on livingbyathread:
The late comedian and television personality Joan Rivers coined and popularized the phrase: “Who are you wearing?” This question was asked to extremely well-dressed and fashion-forward Hollywood stars at black-tie events like the Oscars. The question…

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I Am A Son Of God!

That is the understanding that I am coming into more and more.  I first heard this about four years ago when I became born again.  Though I thought I understood since then, over the last few weeks I realize that … Continue reading

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Are We Stuck In Time?

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Raising Motivated Learners: Twenty Questions

Originally posted on A Homeschool Mom:
Our goal as parents and educators is to work ourselves out of a job; to raise our children to become responsible adults. Join us as we share tips on how to raise motivated learners and equip…

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