Teachings of the Kingdom


Have you ever set your a clock, timer or thermostat? In order to set any of these or anything in general it requires action. Unfortunately, just knowing or thinking that they need to be set is not enough but we actually have to determine what we would like them to be and then take the physical actions necessary to do it.

In Colossians 3 vs 1 and 2 we are told to seek and to set our affections on things above. Both of these words make it clear that we need to desire the things above (heavenly things). We are to desire the will of our Father more than the things of this world. This unfortunately doesn’t come naturally because we got saved. We must recognize where our affections presently are and choose to set them on the right things until we get to a place where our desires change..

Now nothing is wrong with desiring earthly things such as the house, car, travel and businesses but what these verses are saying is that our life focus and goal should not be on these things. The people of this world work and dream of what they can accumulate and accomplish here on earth. Our desires should be what can we do for our Father here on earth and how we can advance His Kingdom. And of course that will also guarantee us that we will also have the things that we need in this life as it is our Father’s good pleasure to make sure that we have enough to eat, drink and a place to live.

The rest of Colosians 3 goes on to explain what to do once we decide to set our affections on the things which are above. We now have to make the decision to put off the characteristics or traits of the natural man. We have to decide to put aside all fleshly desires such as sexual immorality, greed, wrath, filthy language etc. Again these things do not go away naturally but each day we must make the decision to put aside all these behaviours. Once these are gone then we can begin to put on the new man which displays the characteristics of Christ.

On this walk that we are nothing comes naturally, we must first understand who we are as sons of God and who we represent. With this understanding we then as the passage explains must take off the old man and his characteristics and then put on the new man and his characteristics which is that of our Father. In doing so we become daily a better representation and manifestation of Him.

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